Guest Webinar: Workforce Wellbeing – Building Organisational Strength and Resilience

Webinar Overview

Workforce wellbeing is at the foundation of your organisation’s strength and resilience. If your workforce isn’t well, your organisation wont be either. It’s not just about physical health and wellbeing, it’s about having a conversation with your staff to check in on them and see how things are going and whether they’re doing a great job or not.

In this webinar, we consider your experiences of workforce wellbeing to identify best practice and areas for development and focus specifically on personal, team and organisational resilience. This webinar will help you answer:

  • Is your workforce well and effective in everything they do?
  • How do you define personal resilience for your teams and clients?
  • Are they operationally resilient?
  • How can you support their strength and resilience to ensure their future growth?

Your Trainer

Karen Warren

KW Inner Strength

Karen is a Personal and Organisational Development Specialist and the founder of KW Inner Strength. Karen delivers a range of personal, professional and organisational development solutions to include coaching, facilitation and training to support individuals and organisations to build their wellbeing, strength and resilience.

With line management experience in the private and public sectors, working with stress management and coaching clients for over ten years and experience as an organisational development practitioner, Karen can support individuals, teams and organisations to develop their inner strength, embed great work practices and support each other to be well.

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Who should attend?

Our workshops & webinars are for HR professionals and In-house recruiters at UK based organisations. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate attendees from other business areas. We regret that our events are not open to recruitment consultants, or anyone working for an RPO or job board (within any department).

If you wish to attend but are not an HR professional or In-house Recruiter, please contact us at to find out if you are eligible to attend.

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Upcoming Dates & Times

Thursday 30th January 2020
1:30pm – 2:30pm GMT