Guest Webinar – Why You Need A Great Company Culture & How To Achieve It

Webinar Overview

Poor company culture costs the UK economy an outstanding £23.6 billion per year. More alarmingly, Breathe’s Culture Economy Report found that 60% of SME leaders consider company culture as a mere ‘nice-to-have’ option as opposed to a fundamental ‘must-have’ in their business.

Evidenced marked improvements in employee morale and relationships, employee commitment, customer service, individual productivity and turnover; company culture is no longer a fluffy phrase.

So why are SMEs reluctant to pledge a commitment to improving their company culture?

Join Breathe‘s CEO Jonathan Richards and Partner Account Manager, Ben Chappels as they discuss:
  • Why company culture is important for SMEs
  • How to approach it with confidence
  • Top tips for success

Your Hosts

Jonathan Richards


Jonathan is the CEO of Breathe, a highly successful, cloud-based HR software company which helps small business leaders unlock productivity, cut employee admin and store documents securely. His passion is to inspire courage and challenge the status quo. One of his many roles includes peer and employee development, as well as urging businesses like Breathe to step out of their comfort zones to achieve more.

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Ben Chappels


Ben makes up one-sixth of the partner team at Breathe as a Partner Account Manager. Having worked in five different organisations over the past 5 years, Ben has had an opportunity to experience different working cultures in a variety of work environments and business situations. Ben is particulary impressed by Breathe’s culture and values, and is now keen to further explore the importance of company values and how other companies can achieve the same results.

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